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Angels, messengers of virtue to guard men.

gerarchie angeliche Chagall

Angels have a special attraction in the minds of men. To give him a face, a name, a physical aspect or a word, man has always resorted to his fervent imagination, identifying with himself the angelic specifications.

The fact that angels reappear today is indicative of a new sensitivity and a renewed openness to the most ancient truth of religions: life is sacred and is much more than letting yourself live. It asks us much more.

Precisely because we characterize ourselves as angelic specifications, the expectations that we have of them and in them are enormous and often illusory. Angels as divine entities cannot be enclosed in enclosed or restricted spaces.

Messengers of God are angels. They are space and time at the same time. And precisely this characteristic makes them inaccessible to our mind. They send us messages of a different reality. Deeper.

Images we connect to the angels speak of a world of security, lightness, beauty and hope. Angels are images of the deep and constant desire for help that cannot come from ourselves. Angels are travel companions.

Creation, angels meggenger of God.
The angel messenger of God, garden of Eden.
Marc Chagall, Biblical Museum, Nice, France.

Personal virtues, the angel in us

They put us in touch with the deepest personal desires that inhabit our inner abysses. They are a source of inspiration. Hence desire for a better, different, more constructive life, which is the innate aspiration of our heart.

God sends his angels to protect men. Especially when we assume an attitude of hidden inner difficulty or suffering. Wrong attitudes condemn us to the world. While positive attitudes support us in the midst of the instability of our life.

Attitude is what was called virtue.

That is: it is worth, to be perfect for. If we exercise a worthy virtue, our life will be successful. In Latin, virtue is called virtus. And the term alludes to the strength and firmness with which we live life.

By virtue there is a force that is able to transform our lives. That is why for the Greeks the virtue was areté, that is, the way of being of the noble and cultured man. Over the centuries, attitudes have been associated with angels.

In religions, angels are messengers of God. They explain to us what we don’t understand. They help to focus on the inner aspirations that we have lost or neglected in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They help attitudes that are good for us.

Bronzino, Allegory of Love, angels messengers of virtue to guard men.
Agnolo Bronzino – Allegory of Love with Venus and Cupido, 1545, London, National Gallery.

You’re an angel


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For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. They will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone (Psalm 91:11-12).

When deeply love a person, I have a feeling that an angel has entered my life. I am a witness to love, I become a healthy bearer of it. I look with different eyes how much is around me, and who’s in front of me. 

If I feel love, I experience a new way of looking at things. Love introduces me to the mystery of divine love that is in me, a source that never dries up. I no longer need to create ideal love, I drink only at the source of divine love than in me.

Many people live irreconcilable with themselves, they have not resigned themselves to the fact that their lives have developed differently than they had planned. If I pray, the angel of love will reconcile me to myself once and for all.

Reconciling means making peace with oneself, agreeing in oneself for what one has become. People who are divided in themselves and not reconciled also produce divisions around themselves.

Apostle Paul says that the ministry of Christians is love and conciliation as a service, as God himself entrusted us (2 Cor 5:18).

Angels of the love, Marc Chagall,
Angel of love, Marc Chagall, Biblical Museum, Nice, France.

Safe security

Fear of the future is widespread, thus false prophets (pessimists and catastrophists regardless) find a sensitive point in the human soul and acquire power over many anguished people. By exploiting and making their difficulties even more difficult.

Safe security allows me to see with hope and confidence in the future, because I know that God guides and directs everything. Of course, faith is at the basis of everything. But even the hopes of those who do not believe is faith!

Those who trust know that an angel is always close. The angel supports and comforts them even if they walk among lions and snakes. They are no longer just a number at the mercy of fate, but they are loved, pampered and freed from all their anxieties.

O taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the man who trusts in Him! (Psalm 34:8). For that: The angel of the Lord stays close around those who fear Him, and He takes them out of trouble (Psalm 34:7).

We live too frantically

In our busy life we ​​quickly lose sight of what we have seen and experienced. We pass from one experience to another, without feeling anything. We are no longer able to savor what we live. We are internally torn, so nothing grows in us anymore.

We need patience for our development. We cannot immediately change ourselves. Change occurs slowly and imperceptibly. In patience there is also the strength to work with a view to change and transformation.

Letting go means getting involved. Those who abandon themselves to life, put themselves in life and in its movement. He does not hold back. It does not stiffen. But he surrenders to the flow of life. So that life can flourish and be reborn in him.

Those who abandon themselves to life get rid of the useless worries that torture them. Many friendships and marriages fail because everyone remains fixed in themselves. Whay everyone is afraid of abandoning themselves. Fear of losing one’s freedom.

You are afraid that the other person can do what he wants with you. Feeling delivered to his wickedness. Yet without this abandonment no relationship can succeed.

Angel. The courage to always be yourself.
Angel. The courage to always be yourself.

Courage and patience, angels of the interior strenght

Greek term thymos designates the soul, the emotional part of the soul, but it also means aspiring to something, wishing something ardently, craving something. Since the 16th century it has increasingly assumed the meaning of fortress.

Fortress is one of the four cardinal virtues. Indicates courage in the face of danger. It flows from the serenity of the spirit and demands willingness to sacrifice, a desire for success and personal affirmation.

Courage and strength are required not only of soldiers, but of every person. We all need courage to live our lives. We adapt too easily to others, take their ideas not to swim against the current.

Strongly we want liberalism, but we have taken on great uniformity. Today the media tell us how to be, how to think, how to dress, how to do. It takes great courage to be different, to be how good and right it is to be for me.

Often we are reproached for being weak in decisions, for removing any stance and for not wanting to bind ourselves. Decisions scare, of course. Nonetheless, when we are in front of an intersection we have to choose.

The road we choose sooner or later will lead us in any way to a gorge that we have to go through in order for our life to grow.

Wide way is the one that everyone follows, each of us must find our own personal way. And you have to have the courage to go all the way, even if we were to be alone. Only in this way will the path make us grow and guide us to our true life.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it (Mt 7:13-14).

Ready to be helped

Angel of courage helps us to face precisely what is necessary to do. He continually assists us with the tasks that life assigns to us and supports us in choosing what is necessary to do.

Patience is no longer in fashion today. Yet, in all religions, patience has a fundamental place to get closer to God or to the infinite interior. The Greek term that the Bible uses to indicate patience is hypomoné, which means to endure, resist.

She is understood in a passive sense, as if you had to accept everything that is simply there. Patience is not submission, it is not resistance at all costs, it is not to look away from what can be changed and what should be changed. But it’s life!

One must also have patience with oneself, with all those situations that cannot be changed immediately and require calm. We want to see the solution immediately. Often that solution is only postponed. It takes time for a flower to form.

For our development we need patience. We cannot immediately change ourselves. Change occurs slowly and imperceptibly. In patience there is also the strength to work with a view to change and transformation.

… We boast because of our hope in God’s glory. Not only that, but we also boast in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope (Romans 5:3-4).

Paul of Tarsus reinforces this statement about patience, especially as proven experience, urging the Colossians to trust because:

You are being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might, so that you might patiently endure everything with joy (Colossians 1,11).

Angel and sacrifice of Isaac by Marc Chagall,
Sacrifice of Isaac by Marc Chagall;
The angel stops Abraham, there is no longer any need to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Respect and understanding: angels

Feeling of respect originates from religion: it is the feeling of the unapproachable saint, who in the primordial experience of existence surrounded everything that is elevated, powerful, great.

Those who have respect do not take possession of what they admire. They give the necessary honor to the human being, to creation, to admiration. They don’t want to get insistently into another’s mystery. They respect the mystery.

Every true culture begins when man withdraws, when he recognizes his dignity to the person and his beauty at work. An authentic culture requires respect. In all religions, angels tell man to have respect for everything. For everyone. Men included.

I appreciate the person not for his performance, but because he is a person. Respect has in particular to do with estimation. If people feel appreciated and respected, they get up quickly. They rediscover their divine dignity and come back to life.

Today we need these angels of respect, especially now where we make public what belongs to the most personal and private sphere for futile reasons or for a minute of glory. Or because we believe that followers are the most important thing in life.

Respect has to do above all with greatness. Today we live mainly on envy. If a person is luckier than us, more successful than us, more esteemed than us, we must denigrate him at all costs. We have to make it smaller. And we rejoice if it happens.

Instead accept the greatness of each and rejoice. And rejoicing, you participate in the greatness of what you admire. You will elevate your person. And you will start to be fantastic and great even for those who put you in a corner until yesterday.

So you will have the space to discover your freedom and your dignity. I wish you could live alongside many respectable angels. Because you would increase the sensitivity to the deep mystery that is in you and would know what it means to be a person.

Joy of living: this phrase resonates with music and love. Say “yes” to life! Let yourself be enchanted! Anselm Grün shows us the path to deep happiness. Anyone can walk it. The Art of Joy

Angelic psychology

Psychology treats the sick by understanding them, without judging or condemning them. If a person feels understood, he expresses all that is in her. It no longer hides anything. She feels that everything in her has been accepted and declared good.

Understanding means that one does not use the other for himself, but that both have a good mutual relationship. It heals. And the heart of those who are the object of it widens. They return to breathe and receive a new stability. 

An angelic psychology is proposed by James Hillman, disciple of Jung, in the book: The soul code. Examine the myth of the Guardian Angel, as a personalization that provides the character’s imprint from birth to every human being.

Hillman maintains that the guardian angel, as Spiritus rector, watches over every human being, but must be activated, met and recognized, to develop a deeper awareness of the individual soul and Anima Mundi in which we are immersed.

If we live alone through a consciousness of material things, however scientific, logical, reasonable, we live far from the reality of the soul-psyche and will probably be subjugated by its negative demons.

Negativity consists precisely in keeping matter and spirit separate, in making a connection impossible and therefore in remaining fixed on the material or spiritual pole in a sort of diabolicity. Instead, we must unite them to live what touches us.

Plato and the Greeks called it daimon, the Romans genius, the Christians Guardian Angel – and today we use terms such as heart, spirit and soul. For James Hillman it is the central and guiding force of his utterly unique and compelling acorn theory.

The silence of the universe loves us. The angel in us.
When we fear the silence of the universe, it means
that our inner growth has begun. Have a good trip.

The angel of silence

Angels are sweet beings. You can’t hold them back. They come suddenly and you have to be open to meet them. They arrive with a light step and you need a lot of silence to notice them.

In our turbulent world we need a lot of silence to restore ourselves internally. The angel could meet you in the art of silence, in the healthy atmosphere of silence. Create silence!

Medicine for our soul is silence. Tagore addresses this invitation to us: immerse your soul in the silence. In fact, only in silence is authentic knowledge realized. Silence is the fruit of wisdom and contains knowledge of all things.

Silence prepares us to listen in the right way, to distinguish the tones of the speaker. It is the prerequisite for perceiving the voice of God in our heart.

The mystics are convinced that in everyone there is a space of silence to which thoughts and feelings, desires and needs do not have access. It is the space in which others cannot enter with their expectations and requests, judgments and prejudices.

It’s inside me and it’s just my. I am truly free there. Nobody has power over me or can harm me. I am safe and sound. The angel of silence continually reminds you that this space of silence already exists within you. It is not necessary to create it.

You just have to get in touch with the silence that is within you and that is capable of healing you. There is something pure and frank there that cannot be disturbed by the noise of the world. YOU!


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