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Beppespina Comment Policy

We discuss serenely

I want you to feel at home when you post a comment on I want everyone to feel at home by posting comments on I don’t know how your home is, but I know what people expect from me when I visit their home: respect and courtesy. That’s why I reserve the right to delete comments and ban users based on needs to keep civil and concrete comment threads.

The rules are simple: don’t be an idiot. Do you want to be the kind of commentator I’d like to take home with? Here’s what I like to see in the comments: smart and informed ideas that further contribute to the story. Useful and constructive criticisms. Show and share the intelligence, wisdom and humor that I know I possess.

Tact and kindness

The word free is the most powerful weapon we have. Let’s use it sparingly. A good word gladdens life. Before commenting, always think that your ideas may be useful or comforting to someone at a difficult time. Therefore, use the right courtesy and argument that you would like others to address to you.

Make sure to have a specific question when you make a new discussion; make sure to give your fellow something to talk about and focus their minds. Be eloquent, or at the very least, passionate. Stay on topic. This isn’t just a rule, but it’s also an act of kindness.

Keep calm

Did you find a typo or other kind of error? Let me know and I’ll correct it. Do not immerse yourself in a misinformed debate or simply with oddities, just for the fun of it. It is certainly stupid and will never be published. But above all you have shown that you have no respect for our common home.

Small rules of good living

  1. Although I can’t be everywhere at once, here are some of the types of comments I will do my best to reduce them: promote your brand, product or blog. To do this there must be a valid reason, send me the explanation via the contact form, and if I consider it valid and for a just cause, I will publish it.
  2. Impersonating authors or other commentators. I can’t believe I have to say it, but: don’t do it. It’s … I’ll leave you the comment.
  3. Comments that are completely out of left field.
  4. Threats, no matter how vague, against the author or other commenters.
  5. Racism, sexism, homophobia.
  6. Don’t be impatient, be understanding. The imprecation is intolerable, too much or useless vulgarity will be treated accordingly.
  7. Not spam. The biggest problem is the one-word answers, please be creative. Single words will be deleted automatically without warning.  
  8. Large spaces and obviously junk comments will receive a warning and will therefore be deleted. Continuing with this will result in a ban and definitive exclusion from the community.
  9. Use tags correctly. Try to make them uniform with other topics, so that your companions have more time to look for what they want.
  10. English only.

So once more, welcome and enjoy your stay. You are now a friend of!





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