Who is Beppe Spina

Welcome, thanks for landing here. Your presence is really important to me. I hope the contents of this site / blog can intrigue you and stimulate you to participate. Your contribution counts! This blog was born to discuss without prejudice about spirituality and world religions. So if you share my idea, fill out the application form and start participating. I wait for you.

Beppe Spina is the founder of the site beppespina.com, one of the 30 most visited in Italy and one of the 100 most visited in the world, in which he deals with spiritual matters with simplicity and rigor and answers thousands of doubts about religions in general.

A scholar of the history of religions, he works as a free journalist with various international newspapers.

As a popularizer, Beppe Spina is the author of several books on spirituality:

  • Patience in Christianity
  • Patience in Judaism
  • Patience in Islamism
  • Patience in Buddhism
  • Patience in Hinduism
  • Creator silence, kabbalah fitness for mind and body
  • Long drink with the wisdom, interview with Kabbalah
  • And light be!, the kabbalah in everyday life
  • Dossier Judas, the priest of God
  • Mi illumino di Infinito – A spasso con la kabbalah

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